Optitude, Executive Search Psychology!

Consistently delivering C-Suite talent whenever and wherever you need it!

Optitude-360, help our clients to source and secure the top 10% of senior leadership talent. How do we do it? By using smart executive search psychology and psychometric techniques!

Optitude-360 specialise in delivering executive search, psychometric assessment, and leadership development to a variety of top organisations in the UK, Europe and the US.

What does great leadership mean to you?

We believe that successful leaders combine and balance 3 key traits:

Optimal Attitude - Optimal Aptitude - Optimal Fortitude

When assessing a leader's capability and potential, these are our key focus areas.

When all three areas are balanced and aligned, we call this "Optitude."

When assessing suitability, we take a 360-degree person-centric approach.

Hence, our name Optitude-360.

Our experienced search partners use a combination of “Smart Psychology” and "Clever Psychometric" tools to source and secure top echelon C-Suite leadership professionals with the ability to inspire and the intellectual horsepower to deliver change and performance! 

No matter the industry or sector, our core goal remains the same; we exist to help our clients source top-level leadership talent whilst reducing the reputational risk and excessive costs* of making a poor executive hire.

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Why using Optitude-360 for your next C-suite hire is a great decision?

Clients approach us when:

  • They seek to gain a competitive advantage by acquiring the finest leadership talent to drive organisational success and bottom-line performance.

  • They are frustrated by receiving candidate applications that don't meet the mark.

  • When they need a true assessment of leadership qualities within their team.

  • They are facing excessive liability and/or poor financial performance.

  • There is a pressing need to deliver change / Digital Transformation.

Optitude-360 can be relied on to provide a transparent and structured search and selection process that delivers!

5 Reasons Why Optitude-360 use & recommend the Judgement Index and executive search psychology in their selection process

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The Judgement Index is the world’s original and best values-based assessment tool

  1. Simply the Best - The Judgement Index is the world’s best values-based assessment tool and has no equal when it comes to identifying and developing the right people.

  2. Reliability & Validity - Established in the 1970s from decades of research by Nobel Prize nominee Dr Robert S Hartman, the Judgement Index has been integrated into forward-thinking organisations long before “values” became a buzzword.

  3.  The Appliance of Science - It is one of the most highly mathematical, scientific and logically based assessment instruments ever created, and no other values-based assessment comes close to it in terms of depth and sophistication.

  4. Accuracy - It empowers us to measure the value system and the judgement capacity and capability of an individual and it does so with unswerving accuracy.

  5. Corporate Fit - The Judgement Index fits Optitude's model of Executive Search Psychology like a glove. It allows us to make highly accurate assessments of our candidates whilst delivering a range of benefits to our clients

Optitude-360 harnesses the power of the Judgement Index to attract and retain top tier C-suite and Senior Leadership talent!  

Here's how:

Recruitment – Discovering what’s behind the mask?

A potential employee can have all the right attributes on paper, but it’s almost impossible to get a full picture of their judgement capabilities from a resume or interview. This judgement is crucial in how valuable they prove to be to your organisation. By understanding the values and decision-making capabilities of candidates, we see beyond the qualifications and experience. 

Retention – Keeping the lifeblood of your business flowing

Equally important is the retention of staff that add real value to your operations. By identifying staff members who possess great judgement but may be stressed, unfulfilled, under-appreciated or restless, you can ensure your business retains the lifeblood it needs to succeed.

Addressing promotion & succession planning

Values, judgement, and decision-making ability become far more crucial as a person moves further up the chain of command. The Judgement Index provides a quantifiable, accurate measurement of judgement and decision making ability for use by executive decision-makers, giving them a benchmark for effective promotion and succession planning choices.

Delivering Management & Leadership Development

Armed with the knowledge of judgement capacities, leadership can be developed, strengthened and improved. Senior executives will also now fully understand the values and judgement capacities of the people they lead. This valuable information provides insight into their team’s strengths and weaknesses and improves communication, problem-solving, planning, and decision making.