Executive Board & Senior Leadership Search

Using a combination of psychology and smart psychometric testing to find inspiring leaders who deliver change!

The Executive Search Process is both an art and science. It’s all about chemistry, matchmaking, assessment, and selection. That's why it's important that we work closely with our clients before an engagement to understand and map their business requirements and desired outcomes thoroughly.  As a relationship-driven business, we aim to form long term trusted partnerships built on trust, delivery and repeat business. So your business's success is both front and centre for each of our consultants.

Optitude-360 has a transparent search policy, reflecting our company values of discretion, honesty, integrity, and diversity in all aspects of our work. We utilise primary research and the skills of highly qualified researchers to source and select Senior Executive leaders who deliver growth and inspire the confidence of both stakeholders and shareholders, and employees.

A dedicated researcher is assigned to each new project to support the primary research of the Recruitment Director. Within four to seven weeks of starting an assignment, we aim to compile a shortlist of three to five suitably qualified candidates who fit your brief and are interested in the role.

We apply cutting edge search techniques to deliver the most relevant shortlisted candidates and pride ourselves on a 95%-98% success rate on retained assignments. This is achieved by combining Attitudinal-based Interviewing, 360°-assessment, and decision-based psychometric evaluation. No one works harder than Optitude-360 to understand and translate your business requirements into highly relevant candidate shortlists.

Finance Director & CFO Practice


Whether your need is basic or complex, Optitude-360 are guaranteed to compliment your end result.

Our Financial Practice caters for the full spectrum of CFO & Financial Leadership appointments. Our consultants work across a variety of business sectors with clients ranging from quoted PLCs through to privately owned and private equity-backed businesses. 

Optitude's specialist team of financial search consultants, understand that whether in a crisis or in a period of economic growth that the finance function is the beating heart of the organisation.  Business leaders are acutely aware of the importance of the finance function to not only provide financial reporting and insight but to deliver the key commercial information needed to drive strategic decisions and business strategy. 

We have a strong track record in recruiting the full spectrum of Executive-Level Finance appointments across the UK and Europe.  Typically, we manage senior finance roles including but not limited to :

  • CFO - Chief Financial Officer

  • FD'S - Financial Directors

  • Director of Internal Audit

  • Director of Tax

  • Head of Financial Planning & Analysis


Human Resources Director & CHRO Practice

Human Resources Practice

Whether your need is basic or complex, Optitude-360 are guaranteed to compliment your end result.

As strategic partners and advisers to the business, HR professionals provide your company with a sustainable competitive advantage on a wide range of corporate issues.  Consequently, we recognise the importance of recruiting the full spectrum of permanent and interim HR professionals and specialists to fit your organisational requirements.

We believe that the 21st Century method for selecting the right people is to look forward and predict their performance, ability and compatibility with your companies culture and values.  If you only look backwards at the history of a candidate (as in most traditional screening processes relying on a CV, reference or recommendation), you only get ‘the past’ which is often unreliable.

When assessing potential candidates, we use the Judgement Index as it has proved to be one of the most scientific, logical and totally unique assessment instruments available today. It subtly measures both an individual's values and their capacity to make a considered judgement. In addition, the data provided by the test can be directly mapped against a role and the qualities of the best performers.


The results will predict performance, job fit, culture compatibility and risk!


Judgement IndexQuality Outcomes = (Competent Process + Skill + Knowledge) x Judgement


HR Graphic

Let our Technology & Transformation Consultants help you align your talent acquisition and change strategies

Optitude-360 Search & Selection help you to plan and implement tomorrow's solutions today!

IT leadership Graphic

CIO & CTO Practice

We Assist VC’s, Investors, Boards and Leadership Teams To Source and Retain Top Decile - CIO’s CTO’s, CISO’s & Senior IT Specialists

Optitude-360 CIO & CTO Practice

Given the rising tide of technological change, digital compliance regulations, the threat of fraud and cyber-crime, the roles of Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer & Chief Information Security officer have never been more important in ensuring the ongoing innovation and protection of the business.

Different Strokes of the Same Brush

Although CIO’s CTO’s and CISO’S roles focus on engineering, implementation, development technology management and security there are some key differences in the roles and responsibilities they share!

In mid-to-large size companies with higher executive budgets, the C-suite may include a CIO, CTO and CISO depending on their requirements.

Below are some brief role explanations

The CTO’s tend to focus on external processes such as:

  • Developing Strategies for deploying technological resources.
  • Monitoring technological changes, trends, risks and threats that influence the company’s business goals.
  • Ensuring that technology standards and compliance regulations are met.
  • Managing research and development of new technology, IT assets and associated revenues.
  • Evangelising the company's technology strategy to the board, investors, management and employees.

Are You a Corporate David or Goliath?

Either way, our Board Advisory Team stands on the shoulders and whispers in the ears of giants.

Board Advisory Services

"Having a strong board of directors is one of the keys to building a thriving business"

Having a strong board of directors is one of the keys to building a thriving business. Collective knowledge, experience, and expertise are vital when looking to the future and setting a course for success. In addition, board members can bring extraordinary insights and often allow you to scale up your operation much more quickly than if you relied on organic growth.

Our advisory panel comprises seasoned individuals who have come from a wide variety of backgrounds in large corporates or as entrepreneurs who have created, built, and sold several successful businesses. They can ensure you have a robust strategy and hold the company to account for achieving milestone objectives and longer goals.

The Advisory panel has expertise in many disciplines and from many sectors. Still, the overall characteristic is an ability to bring a fresh perspective on any challenge you and your organisation may be challenging.

Our panel members can be available for discrete projects or as an ongoing board room resource, depending on your needs.

For further details call us today on 0207 689 7890

Scale and Grow your Business Using the Power of Adaptive Intelligence

Do you wish your business's teams gelled better and were more productive in tighter timeframes? Would less time spent on unproductive 'politics' be profitable? The Adaptive Intelligence Pathway (AIP) helps teams identify their common purpose, removes 'tribal' burdens and integrates their collective innovation and analysis. Teams create more elegant and robust plans and tend to execute them on time and on budget.  High-performance teams are better at identifying attackable barriers, they entertain more innovative ideas and usually outstrip expectations.

Executive Coaching

Adaptive Intelligence - Endow Your Board With The Art and Science of Brilliant Business Thinking

As an expert senior-level group facilitator and innovative executive coach, Dr Gary Coulton has a knack at getting to the root causes of problems and sees opportunities that others don't. His main talent is helping people learn how to make wise business decisions more often.  supporting both the personal and the business agendas of his clients.  He's the creator of the Adaptive Intelligence Pathway (AIP) which underpins our ability to create and exploit change intentionally.  Gary leads the Adaptive Intelligence Group (AdaptiveIG) a collaboration of businesses and consultants offering a unique integrated system of validated and benchmarked tools for analysing and stimulating inclusive high performance and diverse cultures driving real-world business results.

Using AQ to remove barriers to your success

Strong relationships form when we identify internal and external barriers getting in our way.  The Adaptive Intelligence Pathway (AIP) helps distinguish the things we can influence from those we can't. Secondly, it helps us create more elegant and robust relationships. Finally, it harnesses our courage and energy to execute, no matter how harsh the world's feedback is!  The more barriers we identify, reduce or remove, the more our life-changing audacious personal and business goals come within our grasp.

Adaptive Intelligence Methodology