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5 Tips to Accelerate Your Job Search Success


Simon Childs – Managing Director

Optitude Outplacement & Career Consulting

 “It’s a recession when your neighbour loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose yours”     

Harry S. Truman

COVID19  has left many people without jobs and potentially many more to come.  Trying to navigate the path back to work can be a painful experience.  So, here are Five Powerful Tips you can use to increase your chances of success and beat the job search blues!

  1.  Treat Finding a Job as a full-time job!

Approach finding a job as if it were a full-time job because it is!  If you had a job, you would report to work at the same time each day (like 8 am), take an hour (or less) for lunch, and quit at the same time each day (like 5 pm). You would work five days every week. And you would work hard to accomplish as much as you could because your career depended upon it.  When you are searching for a job, you should follow the same type of schedule!

Why? Because your future depends upon it!

Treating your job search like a part-time hobby guarantee that it will take longer. So, begin tomorrow by reporting to work and spending the day on tasks that lead to a job.  Modify your CV, apply for adverts, talk to recruitment consultants.

  1. The Tomato of Efficiency – Yep you heard me right!

A great start is to use the “Pomodoro Technique”.  Start by writing out a “To-Do List” of your job search tasks daily and then allow yourself 25 minutes on each task followed by a 5 Minute break – Be strict with yourself and aim to complete each task you set yourself within the time frame.  If you tick off each task as you go you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

  1. Are you Agile? Then Sprint

Approach finding a job as if it were a project.  So, that means you should set goals for yourself, make plans, and monitor your progress. You should apply all of the tools and skills that you used in your last job to the project of finding your next job.  As you must expect, this is an important project. The sooner you complete it, the sooner you gain a promotion into a job.

  1. Look Out the Boss is Coming!

It’s time to “Be your own boss!” Set expectations for what you need to accomplish, provide direction, and monitor your work.  Meet with yourself once each week to evaluate your performance. I recommend doing this by writing two reports.

  • The first is a candid evaluation of what you accomplished during the previous week. The second is a description of your plans for the coming week. Your plans should include your goals, actions, and priorities. The first time that you write these reports, write an evaluation of what you have done so far. Describe the results that this effort has delivered and compare these results with what you wanted to achieve.
  • Next, map out a realistic plan for the next week based on achievable goals. For example, you could set goals for the number of people you will call, the number of networking meetings you will attend, and the research you will conduct.
  1. Write yourself a Job search Contract!

In the coming weeks, compare the results that you obtained during the previous week with the goals that you set. For example, if you planned to attend twelve networking meetings and you attended only two, you should:

  1. a) explain why this happened and
  2. b) plan actions that will correct such a difference.

You should also analyse why you missed your goal because this provides insights on what you need to do differently. For example, your goal (e.g., of attending twelve networking meetings) may have been set too high. Finding a job is a full-time job. Work through it with a plan and the support of a good boss (yourself). If your current boss (yep thats you!) is making excuses or slacking watching netflix – Sack him and contact to arrange a free confidential 1/2 hour career consultation now!.  Our “New Horizons” Accelerated Job Search strategies will put you in the driving seat on the road to job search success.   

I wish you well and hope to meet you on the road!

If you feel that this article could help someone else – Please share it!  Simon Childs – is the Managing Director of Optitude 360 Executive Search Psychology & Optitude OCC – Outplacement and Career Coaching.  Are you ready to put your career on track? Contact us now for a free 1/2 Career Coaching Taster session*…Now!




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